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TTS Text to Speech, and Voice Synthesis converters for Digital Signage, Security, Email, SMS Text Messages and Serial data streams. Text to Speech Voice Synthesis Audio IP Paging and Announcement Systems

 i2earô Text,  Speech, Voice, Synthesis, Audio, IP, Paging, Ethernet, Announcement, System Hardware, SMS, Email

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Key Features:

Completely automatic collects information from the web

Easy to setup just enter your zip code, that's it!
SMS Text & Email to Voice news, music, and sports without ads
Reads email and text text using high quality audio playback 
Listen anywhere players transmit remotely in  your home


 Email Message & SMS Audio Alerts scan and announce incoming alerts of up to 50 Mail accounts
 Read Text aloud have text read aloud form any document using your clipboard
 Directory Assistance personal and local phone listings created automatically
 Instant SMS Message to Voice ISMS messages announced and played remotely
 Latest Headlines headlines and weather alerts in multiple news categories
 Corporate alerts customize personal audio alerts and business messages
 Marketing promotion product information and offers optionally delivered by voice

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SMS and EMAI Audio Players:

i2Ear will operate without a PC and 
without additional hardware. However if you w
ant to listen when you are away from your PC you'll need an audio player.i2Ear supports Internet VoIP Intercom and IP intercom (IOIP) technology.

Designed to work with IP Intercoms 

for more IP Intercom players  click here


more on Embedded Text To Speech 
and Embedded TTS Modules and Chips

'HD2' Second Generation
high quality, multi-language embedded Text To Speech

Complete multi-language speech synthesis accepts RS-232 and Ethernet text data

Speech synthesis module converts text
directly to spoken words! 

Standard languages includes over 20 languages and voices! 




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The i2Ear  IP SMS Text Message  to Audio and  Email to Audio Announcement system for Mass Notification, Emergency Alerts, weather email uses Speech Synthesis and Text to speech to generate audio alerts of  email. news critical announcements over Ethernet  streaming internet. i2ear desktop agent runs in your PC background reading Email, News, Radio, Music, Stock Quotes, Caller ID and even local TV show schedules. Hear Instant Messages too! Operation is completely automatic. i2Ear collects information from the web and broadcasts right on PC. Innovative design also works anywhere in you home with wireless players! Easy to setup; just enter your zip code, that's it! Plays music and sports without ads. High quality - professional - fun!


For Systems with VoIP and IP intercoms monitoring with  Integrated Campus Alert System Software for school intercom systems improve campus student  alerts and mass notification for emergency  campus  security technology click here. IP intercoms provide a complete University Alert System. For other school and college  notification systems, safety for education, emergency paging systems and campus intercom alert system contact our sales department. We offer a 100% IP based system that deploys quickly for  campus audio emergency notification